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AOL Customer Support (+1)(844)502-0074 Number

How to recover your AOL deleted emails ?

AOL is a best email service with several new and old options which are built to make a better user experience however, their times when a user finds him in a tricky situation from which he cannot come out for that what a user can do is contact AOL Customer Care team (+1)(844)502-0074 to get help regarding their problems with AOL mail.

One of such problem in AOL email is “Not able to recover your deleted emails”, for that what you can do is follow the steps mentioned below or if it’s too troublesome for you to contact our AOL customer support number for help.

Steps to recover your AOL deleted emails:

Step 1: Open your preferred browser and then visit now, look at the top right corner of the AOL page there would be envelope icon, tap on that to open AOL Mail.

Step 2: Sign on to your AOL Mail account after signing in to your AOL account, click on the Trash icon situated at the left section doing this will show you the inside of your Trash folder.

Step 3: Now in the AOL Mail Trash folder, you’ll be able to find all of your AOL deleted emails (Last 7 days).
Step 4: If you’d like to recover or bring back any of the emails in the record, checkmark the email which you want to retrieve.

Step 5: After choosing the emails, tap on the “Action button” on top of it then in the pull-down menu, tap on “Inbox” below “Move To” group of commands this will retrieve your AOL deleted emails back to your inbox.

Step 6: Well done! Now you have restored your AOL deleted emails.

Now, you can follow the above steps recover you AOL deleted emails simply but, in case you don’t or you don’t want to these steps you can contact AOL Customer Service number (+1)844-502-0074 regarding your AOL mails related problems.


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