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AOL is Hacking Your E-mails, But In A Good Way

AOL’s Alto Mail program is gonna be smarter than ever!! AOL had recently announced that Alto Mail client will have a series of “Hacks” helping the users with enhanced experience.

AOL Alto mail already has the capability to scan emails for stuff like flight booking and package deliveries helping you to surface that information quickly when you require it. AOL Alto uses 2 methods to bring out that information — through the Alto Dashboard and through  “Alto Stacks.”  AOL Alto is now searching for ways to bring that information into other applications AppleTV and Slack.

AOL mail will continue to get updates in future and request calls to AOL tech support number by AOL users should decrease soon after they get more user-friendly AOL dashboard.  Daily thousands of AOL mail users need to call AOL helpline number as they face issue with installation or when their computer is formatted due to some reason.

Alto Dashboard already shows Alto’s information, which actually provides a single view of all inboxes and shows important information in “cards.” With the Slack “hack,” users can add a Slack channel as a “stack” inside of Alto, which means that all your conversations will be in one place. On the Apple TV, you could bring in stuff like images from Alto using a QR code authentication on your AppleTV.

Another feature is Shop/Book Again, which helps in purchasing an item again from online portals like Amazon — right from Alto. Alto can also help you in checking entire shopping history and provide you information on past purchases whenever you need it.  This is quite helpful for items purchased regularly.

These hacks are going to come soon in Alto. Alto also offers quite neat third party apps which a good aspect. Alto can auto detect about best ridesharing service or best flight for your journey. You will also get an option to book a car directly from the app itself. The idea behind this is the allow you book all your services or perform useful tasks from one single platform.

More third-party integrations from services like IFTTT are coming soon as per the latest reports.

Alto is going to be more advanced and useful in coming future. Looking into this Verizon seems to have done the right thing by getting AOL under its portfolio.

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