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AOL Technical Support Number (+1) 844-502-0074

Measures to Fix AOL Desktop Error Code 212

AOL email is the most promising email service provider as it is the leading web based email service due to its helpful options and functions it gives a best platform to create an new email account and perform the mailing activities. But there are usually some error occurs when you are working on AOL email service one of the errors is desktop error code 212. AOL Desktop error code 212 is basically the instant messenger error it usually generates while sending the e-mail via using the messenger platform it starts from the AOL. When AOL user wants to send an email to the other user but there are some issues by which you’re unable to do so then you become unsuccessful in sending emails due to this error code but, AOL Technical Support Number 1844-502-0074 is always there to assist you and take you out from any issue and provides a fault free access to your email account.

Symptoms of this Problem:

  • Your Desktop frequently crashes at the timing of running that same programs.
  • At that time AOL instant messenger code is displayed.
  • Windows run slowly and according to windows mouse or keyboard responds slowly.
  • Your pc periodically freezes at that point for some seconds.

Causes of this problem:

  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation of the AOL instant messenger software.
  • Corruption in the registry of windows.
  • Virus and malware infection.
  • Other program malicious or mistakenly deleted.

Measures to fix the error are as follows:

  • Repair the all registry entries related to this error.
  • Conduct a full malware scan of your computer in order to search the malwares.
  • Clean out the junk files of your system by the help of clean junk.
  • Update your computer drive drivers to fix this issue.
  • You may utilize the Windows system restores to undo the recent changes in your system.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall your AOL instant messenger.
  • You may also run the Windows system file checker.
  • Install all update windows.
  • Check out the corruption of your hard drive.
  • Test out your Ram memory for any corruption.
  • Then perform a clean installation window.

After observing the above measures, you will be able to fix the AOL Desktop error code 212 issue and again use your AOL email account to do your work. If you confront any issue while observing these steps or you have any other trouble then you can simply contact to the AOL Customer Support Number 1844-502-0074 to get the fast solutions and helpful measures to resolve the all problems in an immediate manner with the assistance of third party technical specialists you can also avail 24*7 help and support by the trained technicians to settle down the issues.


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